Dreaming of autumn & pumpkin chili

Summer has come to an end, or at least mostly. The season itself doesn’t end for another couple of weeks, but school is back in session and today the weather was gloomy and kinda chilly. If I’m being honest, we are now entering my favorite part of the year. I love summer food, all the fresh produce and the endless grilling and chilled rose (or White Claw). But, as the weather chills and the sunlight lessens, I long for a good roasted chicken, or a great big bowl of pumpkin chili.

stock pumpkin photo

I’m also craving a big bowl of my roasted tomato soup, topped with lots of parmesan and eaten with a slice of crusty sourdough bread. Even though I’m generally avoiding bread for now, that might have to happen. Especially if I make a sourdough starter and make my own bread, which I’ve enjoyed doing in the past. (My starter was named Fred. He was wonderful. Someday soon I shall begin again with Fred Junior.)

It’s probably also a great time to mention that I’m going to be judging an apple pie contest next month; that gives me plenty of time to share my favorite recipe with you. I just need to visit the local orchards first. (A favorite pastime of mine, especially to indulge in hot apple cider and probably a cider doughnut; this is one of the perks of my parents living in Michigan, because those cider doughnuts are always incredible!)

Is your mouth watering yet?

soup thermos photo

I’ll be honest; my last weeks of August didn’t involve a lot of cooking. Stress and life happen and it’s entirely too easy to turn to a frozen pizza or just brown some ground beef with onions and peppers and eat that. This hasn’t been the healthiest approach, but hey. So, as I gaze into autumn and dream of pumpkin chili and falling leaves and hoodies, take note of the foods I listed above in bold type. Those are just a few of the recipes I hope to be sharing with you over the course of this next season.

This blog has long been a dream of mine, and personally I have let so much get in the way of it becoming a reality. But I’m excited. Now that I finally have a new laptop that actually runs well, it will be even easier to keep up, too.

So, this post doesn’t include a recipe, but I’m sitting here at my table with a sleeping cat draped over my arm and surrounded by far too many cookbooks (most from the library currently) and very happy to be sharing with you my love of cooking. Thank you for following along with me, and happy cooking!!

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