The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook

My sister visited me last week and we spent most of our time eating popcorn at the movie theater because we went three times (twice to the same movie but who’s counting) so I didn’t cook much. We ate a lot of pizza too. So I do not have a new recipe for you this week, but I had another idea! I’m going to occasionally do cookbook reviews, starting with some older ones that I love and use often. Of course, because I’m a nerd, one of my favorite cookbooks is The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook.


This cookbook is eight years old already but it’s also probably my most used of the myriad that I own. This has everything to do with it being Harry Potter related, obviously. There is no recipe for Butterbeer in here, but there are so many other delicious recipes, along with random fun facts and even instructions on how to brew a proper British cuppa. My go-to recipe in here is the Creamy Onion Soup, which is a Weasley house recipe. It’s simple and honestly amazing on a cold day with some crusty bread. But this book also has go-to worthy recipes for roast chicken, pork chops, and even an apple pie recipe.

It is listed as juvenile nonfiction, but don’t let that stop you. Some of these recipes are complicated and a fun challenge. There’s even a recipe for haggis, but it’s not exactly recommended that you make it!

I’ve loved every single recipe that I have made from this book, and I have only covered about half of what’s in it. It’s a wonderful addition to my collection, and if you are a Harry Potter fan and a cooking enthusiast, it would be a wonderful addition to yours, as well. Typically I don’t care about star ratings, but this one definitely gets five.

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